Resources to get your business through to the other side of the Corona Economy 


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In the meantime, check the resources below to assist you to develop the right mindset and right actions to get your business through the Corona Economy.





Webinars, downloadable templates and more:

Battle plan

  • Understanding your country Corona Strategy
  • Take control of your emotions and mindset
  • Five actions to build your business battleplan
  • How to build your brand at an unprecedented level


Landlord negotiations

  • Understand the different business risk categories. 
  • Know what deals you can negotiate with your landlord.
  • Develop a negotiation approach.


    landlord letter

Taxman negotiations

  • What tax relief is there
  • If it is not enough, how do you manage cash outflows from VAT and PAYE
  • What are your options in negotiating with SARS
  • How should you do it


    SARS letter

People - part 1

  • How to get up again after you've been knocked down
  • Understand where you are, emotionally
  • Understand the different realities your team members are dealing with
  • Use 3 tools to take control of yourself, in order to lead your teams through this difficult time. 


People - part 2

  • How to engage your team over this period
  • How to redirect the work they do over this period
  • How to assign and manage tasks
  • How to right-size your team given your business
  • How to lead and manage the process to get to the other side ready to grow.


Digitise your business

  • You no longer have a choice: you have to digitise
  • What the future for your business looks like
  • What can you digitise in your business
  • How to go about digitising parts or all of your business
  • What digital skills do you need to develop to stay relevant in the future



  • Get an understanding of landlords, their pressures and constraints
  • Gain insights into negotiation techniques 
  • Strategies and tactics to help your business survive through to the other side of the Corona Economy


Reset Rebuild & Reignite your business

  • A likely 18 month view of the economy post lockdown
  • A winning mindset to cope with uncertainty & stress
  • Use the lockdown to reset your business
  • Use the 3-6months after lockdown to rebuild.
  • Use the 6-12 months after, to accelerate growth


A Cape business owner's response

Pavlo addressed a Cape audience on re-shaping your business for the new economy. The principles apply to everyone: 

  • Get your mindset right 
  • Plan your strategy according to your risk level and your business needs
  • Build your business into an Asset of Value™


Sweat Scale $ell - book, e-book or audiobook

Sweat Scale Sell 3D



Available as an e-book, and as an audiobook from 1 April, Sweat Scale $ell unpacks the content we work through in these webinars in more detail. 

Told through stories of real business owners who have worked with Pavlo to Sweat, Scale and Sell, the book gives practical insights that you can implement in your business immediately. 

Gain an understanding of: 

  • What an Asset of Value™ is
  • How to build your business into an Asset of Value™
  • How to accelerate growth 
  • How to deepen value
  • How to secure a capital exit. 

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SWEAT SCALE $ELL:  Pavlo Phitidis visited Exclusive Books before the lockdown to draw inspiration from the knowledge that is out there, on how to cope in a Corona Economy. In this video he discusses building your battle plan according to Asset of Value principles, as outlined in his own book, Sweat Scale $ell.  



THE UPSIDE OF DOWN: Award-winning financial journalist, Bruce Whitfield has written a book titled The Upside of Down, which explored how South Africans have a tendency to find the opportunities amid uncertainty. Could there be any better time to be discussing the Upside of the Corona Economy? Watch the online book launch where Pavlo Phitidis discusses this and other themes from the book with Bruce. 



FREE MARKET FOUNDATION: Speaking to Chris Hattingh from the Free Market Foundation, Pavlo discussed why SMEs are the key drivers of the economy and will be best placed to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented by the new challenges that we face. He also outlined what business owners CAN do now to save, and reignite their businesses. 

Watch the online discussion: 



Business Day TV: Pavlo spoke to Business Day TV's Gary Alfonso about a potential, fair solution to the retail SME crisis brought on by Covid-19 and a changed way of living - and doing business. 



Pavlo discussed three different strategies for Red, Amber or Green businesses, to survive the Corona Economy: 


Pavlo spoke to the Sandton Times about strategies that SMEs can adopt to get through the Corona Economy.


A discussion on The Money Show on 702 on how SMEs can survive in the Corona Economy: 


Pavlo spoke to Azania Mosaka on 702 about what SMEs can do to mitigate the impacts of the Coronavirus on their businesses.